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How Our Story Began

From Hot Wheels to Bottled Water & Beyond

My name is Mark Sikes, and I'm the founder and CEO of Personalized Bottle Water. I've been a business owner since the age of 10 when I repainted Hot Wheels for $.15 each (.25 cents if I added racing stripes). When I was 25 years old, I started Sikes Labeling. Two years later, after seeing a niche in the bottled water industry, I started Sikes Bottle Water Company and later changed the name to Personalized Bottle Water, Inc. 

I had one simple goal in mind: offer great tasting water to small businesses and schools with personalized labels. Over the years, our businesses have grown in many ways. For one, I have a great staff around me. We design, print, and label water all in-house, and together, we supply large and small businesses, as well as special events, with premium drinking water. Most recently, we've added a highly effective hand sanitizer to our list of products in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. We're meeting the growing demand for a hand sanitizer that meets all FDA requirements while continuing to give customers the ability to personalize their bottles.

With every product we offer, we believe strongly in our core values: complete honesty, competitive pricing, superior quality, and the kind of service that keeps customers coming back. PBW is a business I'm proud to own and operate. We are environmentally conscious in our efforts to promote recycling and we are passionate about the Earth we live on. As a dad, I hope it's a place that inspires my daughter to run her own business one day. Thank you for supporting us, and we truly hope you enjoy your personalized products from us. 

Mark Sikes
Owner, CEO, Dad

Community Involvement

Everyone at PBW takes great pride in our community. From cycling and running for cancer to organizing fundraisers for local citizens. Owner Mark Sikes has always held "Relay for Life" very close to his heart and even put on the first "Bark for Life" event in Saline County, AR. PBW supports the MS 150 held annually to raise money and awareness for National Multiple Sclerosis Society. 

 From our team to your team, "Get involved and make a difference where you can!"

Giving Back

Team PBW is just as passionate about personalized bottle water as we are about giving back to many of the incredible foundations around central Arkansas. So passionate, we started PBW Gives Back. This program gives each team member a set number of cases per year to donate to an organization of their choice. 

 Be passionate and proactive, and we can make a difference. Personalized Bottle Water will keep you hydrated and help get the word out, but it takes action from within to move the needle.

Recycling Efforts

Please, please, please recycle! We take great strides to have recycling bins located throughout our offices. We sort all materials and even distribute boxes to local businesses for reuse. We believe that the more we recycle the more we can save our natural resources. By recycling your plastic bottles, you're helping make eco-friendly products, such as running shoes, sunglasses, and even cool clothing. And every year scientists are finding more and more ways to reuse this incredible product!  

"On a personal note, I'm proud to offer Personalized Bottle Water in plastic bottles. I grew up with a family farm, and we still harvest trees, hunt, fish, and enjoy mother nature. It kills me to see waste in our oceans, along the streets, and elsewhere. I am a firm believer that plastic helps save our natural resources (that's why it was invented in the first place) and it is easily recycled. However, we have a recycling problem, not a plastic problem. Many of the paper cartons used today are not recyclable or near a recycling center that will accept them. Aluminum is great and is easily reused again and again, but requires more energy in the recycling process. So, plastic remains a great option - with everyone's participation!"

Mark Sikes
Owner & CEO

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