Premium Bottles

Over the past 20 years, the amount of plastic used in PET water bottles has decreased significantly. Our bottles are fully recyclable and designed with an ideal thickness that's light, yet sturdy enough not to collapse in your hand when removing the cap or holding the bottle. To learn more about recycling plastics, visit "our story" page!

High-End Labels

Most of our labels are pressure-sensitive and laminated for extra protection. Our pressure-sensitive labels adhere to the bottle (sticker) so they won't peel off easily and are Ice Chest friendly. We do offer "cut and stack" labels on larger orders. Cut and Stack labels are similar to an Ozarka or Nestle label (the ends overlap and are glued). We take great pride in customizing your artwork so you end up with a product you're proud to share.

Quality Caps

As with water bottles, caps have decreased in size over the years. We've been able to reach a balance with a thinner cap that's not so small you can't screw it back onto the bottle. Form, function, and earth-friendliness are always top of mind with our products. Our caps, along with our bottles, are 100% recyclable. To learn more about recycling plastics, visit "our story" page!

Best Tasting Water

We offer premium drinking water from sources we trust. Our purified water has been through a rigorous system leaving you with pure, clean, delicious water. Our spring water comes from natural springs that are protected sources, which preserves its natural, fresh taste.

Custom Water

  • Choose from three sizes: 10 oz., 12 oz., and 16.9 oz. bottles
  • 20 oz. bullet bottles are available upon special request
  • Our 10 oz. bottles are purified water
  • Our 12 oz. bottles are spring water
  • Your choice of spring or purified water with 16.9 oz. bottles
  • There are 24 bottles per case
  • All orders come with a custom-designed label
  • All bottles are 100% recyclable and made from PET plastic, the most widely accepted plastic for recycling

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Just Labels

  • All labels are water-resistant and self-adhesive
  • Designed to be ice-chest friendly
  • Labels are custom-designed by a professional
  • Three sizes offered: 1-5/8" x 6-1/16"; 2.25" x 6.75"; 4" x 3.5"
  • No minimum order
  • Most orders ship with in 7-10 business days

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Printed Napkins

  • Napkins come in a range of colors and sizes
  • Made with premium, 3-ply tissue (the good stuff)
  • Digital printing available for full-color designs
  • 100% recyclable

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Can Huggers

  • Choose between foam and folding neoprene huggers
  • We offer many colors and patterns
  • Digital printing available for full-color designs on neoprene
  • Foam huggers can be printed with up to two colors
  • All huggers are recyclable

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Hand Sanitizer

  • Effective, non-sticky formula 
  • Meets FDA requirements
  • Two sizes offered with a flip cap: 2 oz. and 4 oz. bottles
  • Two sizes offered in a pump: 8 oz. and 16 oz. bottles
  • Labels are custom-designed by a professional
  • All labels are laminated
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • No minimum order
  • Orders ship within 7-10 business days, providing bottles are in stock

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