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Want a better price?

Due to your selections and quantity, we can get you the exact same product at a better price by switching from Special Event pricing to Business pricing.

Want a better price?

Due to your selections and quantity, we can get you the exact same product at a better price by switching from Wedding pricing to Business pricing.
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Stocking Program

It's easy to save money and space with our Stocking Program. 

Simply prepay a set amount to lock in your low case price. Your customer service representative will work with you to determine the best deal for you based on your annual usage and storage capacity. 

You can schedule your deliveries as often as you would like for as many bottles that you need.  You can change your delivery date and quantity at any time. For added ease, we take care of tracking your order, maintaining  your inventory, and notifying you when it's time to renew. And best of all, we label fresh water when it's time to ship, so your water is always recently bottled. 

Our customers love our Stocking Program because it allows you to get a super low case price without having to buy a truckload of water. But, feel free to buy a truckload, if needed! We offer stocking programs for truckload purchases as well.

Hand Sanitizer

Ask about our specials! A team member will assist you on current sizes available due to demand. Please contact us to order your personalized hand sanitizer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the hand sanitizer safe to use on your skin?

Yes! Our hand sanitizer is made in the USA and meets all FDA requirements.

Do I have to have the warning label information on my personalized label? 

Yes. We go the extra mile to protect you, our customer, and your guests or customers by adding all of the recommended and required information to meet FDA labeling requirements, while still promoting your brand in a safe and effective way. 

What type of water do you sell?

We offer natural spring water from a protective source located around Hot Springs, Arkansas. Natural spring water is free-flowing to the earth's surface. Our bottles are available in 12 oz, 16.9 oz, and 20 oz sizes.

We also offer purified water which is water from a natural deep well source that is processed through reverse osmosis. We offer our purified water in our 10 oz and 16.9 oz bottles.

Is there a shelf life on bottled water?

We recommend a two-year shelf life from the date the water is bottled. Each individual bottle is labeled with the date the water was bottled so it's easy to see this information. We recommend not selling or serving bottle water beyond the two-year bottled date.

what size bottles do you sell?

Our spring water is available in 12 oz. and 16.9 oz. We can also accommodate 20 oz. sizes, when needed. 
Our purified water is available in 10 oz. and 16.9 oz bottles.

What type of labels do you use and are they waterproof?

We offer several different types of labels: paper, synthetic stock, silver and gold foil, hot-stamped, and even engraving.

Most of our labels are pressure sensitive (sticker) and adhere directly to the bottle. We laminate all of our pressure sensitive labels for added protection and water resistance. If you are planning on soaking your water bottles in an ice chest, please let your representative know so we can recommend the most appropriate label.

We also offer "cut and stack" labels on larger orders, which are cut and then glued at the ends.

Is there an art charge and set up fee?

Wedding and special event water (orders that are typically smaller and for one-time events) require a one-time $35.00 set up fee ($17.50, if reordered). This fee includes all pre-press setup and up to one hour of professional artwork.

Corporate orders (larger, one-time event orders or multiple reorders) require a one-time $50.00 set up fee. This includes all pre-press setup and up to one hour with our professional designer. 

What are printing plates and how do I know if I need them?

Printing plates are typically used on water orders of 30 cases or more. Plates are generally used only on corporate orders and cost $45.00 each. Depending on how the label is printed and your water usage will determine if we use plates and how many are needed. Most labels that require plates vary from one plate to a four-color process (four color plates used to make several colors). A representative will review your label and discuss the number of plates used before proceeding with your order.

Can I design my own label?

Yes. Simply follow the guidelines outlined in the next question.

What are the requirements and specifications for submitting my artwork?

Our preferred format is Adobe Illustrator. Please make sure to 'create outlines' or 'convert to paths' on all text before sending your file. The following file types will also be accepted: .psd *.fn *.eps *.tif *.jpg

All images should be in their original format. All images must be at LEAST 300 dpi. Typically, images attained from the internet are not print quality. PBW will NOT reproduce copyright material unless you hold the copyright or have a release.

Do I pay for the artwork again when I reorder?

No. The artwork is a one-time cost on reorders. If you decide to make changes to your label, then an art charge may apply. 

How much bottled water do I need to order for a wedding?

Your quantity will vary depending on the number of guests, how you choose to use the water, and the time of year. For example, if you're only offering water at your reception and will also serve other drinks, then purchasing a bottle for half of your guest list should be enough. For outdoor weddings during warmer months, we recommend at least one bottle per guest.

 In most cases, a typical wedding needs about 4 to 5 cases. If you decide to use the water for your rehearsal dinner or adding them to gift baskets in hotel rooms for out of town guests, then you'll want to increase the number of cases. Still need help deciding? Give us a call. We're happy to help you think through the order so you order just the right amount.

How much bottled water do I need for my event?

Consider these factors to help determine how much customized bottle water you will need for your event: 
> Will there be other drinks available?
> What time of year is the event, and will it be indoors or outdoors? (Warmer weather requires more water!) 
> Based on your label design, can you use the water again?

How much water do I need for my business?

We get asked this question a lot, and the short answer is GET WHAT YOU NEED and we will work with you on storage space and shipping cost. 

We recommend you start by reviewing your annual usage. If you have storage space available and would like to save on shipping costs, you might want to order it all at once and buy in bulk. Another option is to prepay a set number of cases, and we'll ship them to you as often as needed. This is called our Stocking Program. Either way, ordering custom water is a great way to boost your business. Give us a call and we'll help you determine exact numbers and which program is right for you.

How much is shipping on bottled water?

Depending on the size of your order, where the water is being shipped, and whether you have a receiving dock, the best shipping method can vary. Small orders are generally shipped by UPS Ground Service. Larger orders are usually shipped by truck on pallets. 

There are several questions to consider before shipping your water by truck. Do you have a dock? Is the dock at the proper height for an 18 wheeler to unload? Do you have access to a forklift? Will you need the driver to unload? We'll address these together, so keep them in mind for our conversation. Our goal is to deliver your water at the best price.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Most orders ship within two weeks of artwork being approved. However, we understand there can be a need for quicker lead times. Make sure we know when you need to have your water IN-HAND and we will do our very best to get it to you by that time. Having an in-house art department and onsite printing labels gives us some flexibility. We do offer rush fees for jobs needing a 24-hour turnaround.

When do I pay for my order?

Your credit card is not billed until the artwork has been approved and your Sales Order/ Work Order is approved. All orders do require payment in full before shipping. Terms are available on corporate orders (ask a representative for details).

Don't see your question here? Email us at or call us at 501.568.7669 or 800.248.2917.