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Want a better price?

Due to your selections and quantity, we can get you the exact same product at a better price by switching from Special Event pricing to Business pricing.

Want a better price?

Due to your selections and quantity, we can get you the exact same product at a better price by switching from Wedding pricing to Business pricing.
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Stocking Program

It's easy to save money and space with our Stocking Program. 

Simply prepay a set amount to lock in your low case price. Your customer service representative will work with you to determine the best deal for you based on your annual usage and storage capacity. 

You can schedule your deliveries as often as you would like for as many bottles that you need.  You can change your delivery date and quantity at any time. For added ease, we take care of tracking your order, maintaining  your inventory, and notifying you when it's time to renew. And best of all, we label fresh water when it's time to ship, so your water is always recently bottled. 

Our customers love our Stocking Program because it allows you to get a super low case price without having to buy a truckload of water. But, feel free to buy a truckload, if needed! We offer stocking programs for truckload purchases as well.

Hand Sanitizer

Ask about our specials! A team member will assist you on current sizes available due to demand. Please contact us to order your personalized hand sanitizer.

COVID-19 Alert: Cases are Rising
COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths across the United States are rising. As cold weather moves in, people spend more time indoors, and the holidays approach, take steps to slow the spread of COVID-19. Wear a mask, stay at least 6 feet apart, avoid crowds, and wash your hands often. The more steps you take, the more you are protected against COVID-19.
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Build Your Brand with Bottled Water or Hand Sanitizer

How It Works

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Select from an assortment of sizes and bottle styles, whether it's water or hand sanitizer.

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Visit with our in-house designer to get a label that's highly customized and professional.

Enjoy hassle-free delivery.

Set up a payment plan, then we do the rest. We ship right to your loading dock or door.
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Serving a Need

Our new line of personalized hand sanitizer is designed to meet the growing demand for protection against viruses, such as COVID-19, while also helping you share your company's message!

Mobile Marketing

Personalized water, and now hand sanitizer, are great "marketing tools on-the-move." When customers take their bottles with them, your logo is seen by their friends, family, and co-workers. And since people carry hand sanitizer longer than water, there are more opportunities to show off your brand every time someone reaches for their bottle!

Fits Many Industries

Both custom water and hand sanitizer are ideal products for service industries or institutions. That includes banks, car dealerships, hotel chains, funeral homes, spas, lawyers, dentists, caterers, churches and schools - just to name a few.

Our Stocking Program

No storage? No problem. Our stocking program allows you to lock in a high-volume price while receiving shipments of smaller quantities as you need them. Together we can determine your case price, whether that's bottled water or hand sanitizer.

Ways to Use Custom Water or Hand Sanitizer

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I have enjoyed my relationship with Personalized Bottle Water for nearly 5 years. I receive timely orders with color-fast labels and bottles that can handle being in coolers for long periods of time without deteriorating. In my business, details like this matter.
Myron McWherter
Eagle Rock Coatings LLC
With so many things that are unreliable in the world of retail, it's an enormous comfort to have a company you can always rely on. Personalized Bottled Water has been a mainstay for our business for more than 10 years with a great product!
Jolie Smith-Sikes
junk gypsy
Personalized Bottled Water has been supplying water for the Arkansas Freedom Fund (AFF) for over 8 years. The service is second to none. The AFF has been using their product for all of our outdoor activities designed to motivate and encourage the Veterans of Arkansas. Hydration is important to keep our members going strong. The turnaround time is fast and the crew even helps load the truck. It tastes clean and is all date stamped. I strongly recommend PBW to other businesses and organizations!
Mark leonard
Founder and board emeritus
arkansas freedom fund
Thank you for making this process quick, easy and user friendly. Because of this I will be ordering again for my business.
Mega R. Mease
Advanced Energy Therapeutics

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